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We provide a extensive list of services that will fit all your lifestyle needs. From basic wardrobe essentials to designer suits and dresses.  Our staff is experienced in caring for even the most delicate of garments.

At Polo Cleaners we know that first impressions are everything. We are dedicated to helping you feel your best, by looking your best whatever the occasion! With our trained garment specialists, dry cleaners, pressors, and seamstresses, we promise to take care of each and every piece of your wardrobe as if it were our own. We are proud to provide our dry cleaning services to the Newport County.
Nothing beats a crisp, freshly pressed dress shirt. From military creases to french cuffs and tuxedo shirts, our staff will make you look your best for every occasion. We also offer boxing services to make travel easy and convenient. Instead of being returned on a hanger, boxed shirts are returned to you each individually bagged and folded just like new.


No time for laundry? No problem! Simply bring us your every day laundry in a basket or bag and we’ll do all of the work. No need to bring detergent or fabric softener. We take care of that for you. Our Wash, Dry and Fold Laundry Service is priced by the pound.

To keep you on the go we offer fast and easy drop-off and pick-up service. We also offer pick- up and delivery services to Newport County community.  Call for more information.




Providing a wide range of dry cleaning and laundry services, to fit your needs. At Polo Cleaners  we also have an expert tailor on staff for your custom tailoring and alteration needs. Services include but not limited to: Minor hem repair, replacing zippers,  & buttons,  to extensive alterations.  Call or come in! Our expert tailor is trained to serving your specific garment requests.
At Polo Cleaners, we understand that your wedding gown is the "most special" of all of your most precious pieces. Your wedding gown will be sent out to be cleaned, and pressed by our bridal garment specialist, ensuring each piece recieves the upmost care. Following the cleaning and pressing, your wedding gown will then be placed in specially boxing  to be stored and preserved.  Kept and saved as it's original beauty for generations to come.


Our On-Site specialists are well trained specifically on how to handle, care for, and treat In home items like heavy draperies and furniture.  Please call for more information, and or to schedule a in home consult.


Leather, suede, & fur garments  also require special handling. Fur items are extremely luxurious and it is necessary to protect these investment pieces. Leather and suede pieces may contain hidden imperfections that can weaken the skin and cause discoloration after cleaning.  At Polo Cleaners we’ll send out these delicate pieces to our furrier, for cleaning and storage.  Our off site garment specialists are well trained specifically on how to handle, care for, and treat these unique delicate pieces.  We take in all types of fur, leather and suede.  They will be back to you in 2-3 weeks, returned in perfect condition with no warping, discoloration or stretching.